Call for Scores


CALL FOR SCORES: Los Angeles Chapter of NACUSA

The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Association of Composers would like to invite members of NACUSA-LA to submit pieces for organ solo for an organ concert to be held on Sunday, April 8 at 4:00 PM.
The concert will be held in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles, at St. Athanasius Episcopal Church at the Cathedral of St. Paul. The church has an excellent organ and has hosted successful concerts by the American Guild of Organists in the recent past.
Please send submissions to Richard Derby (NACUSA-LA vice president) by e-mail at Submissions should include:
  1. 1)  composer’s name,
  2. 2)  the title and duration of the piece,
  3. 3)  a legible score in PDF format as an attachment,
  4. 4)  an MP3 audio file, if available, as an attachment or a link to a
    posted recording,
  5. 5)  the composer’s biographical summary (150-word limit), and
  6. 6)  program notes for the piece (150-word limit).
While there is no specific duration limit for submitted pieces, shorter pieces will be given priority if the program gets too long.
Please indicate if the composer would like to play the piece or if an organist provided by St. Athanasius should play the piece.
The deadline for receipt of submissions is Friday, February 16, 2018.
All Southern California composers who have joined or renewed their NACUSA-Los Angeles Chapter membership for 2018 by the submission deadline are eligible.

The concert will be offered free of charge.

NACUSA-LA Board: Jeannie Pool, Tony Wardzinski, Carla Bartlett, Deon Nielsen Price, Katherine Saxon, Richard Derby, and Adrienne Albert.